CMOrgChart released…finally

Ok, I finally made some time to get this thing released.

What is it? A graphical organisation chart tool with a search feature. This can easily be run atop your organisational data provided it is in a hierarchical format such as PeopleSoft. The example here uses a PHP based WebService using NuSOAP. It would not take much to hook it into other architectures. hey, you can hire me to do that! :) Source is available by right click > View Source. Source is under a Apache license so enjoy it!

This release sees the addition of the Cairngorm framework, so it can serve as a example of using this.

Future release plans include making the UI pretty! I’m more of a coder than a UI guy, so UI pretties usually come later.



edit: Note, a app as small as this really doesn’t warrant use of Cairngorm. I used it simply to serve as another example.

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8 Responses to CMOrgChart released…finally

  1. Doug Laakso says:

    Hi Doug,

    Your CMOrgChart looks interesting. On an initial look, there are 4 things that would make it better for me.

    1. Did you mean Organization or Orginisation? Personally, I prefer Organization.

    2. It would be nice if the More screen of the node person, included the Up arrow, like the Less screen of the node person has it.

    3. The search feature does not seem to have an indication of a failed search, i.e. “Nothing Found”. A cool feature would be to display the results as the user types.

    4. Would it be possible to add a tree of the organization? Listing organizational unit names. A visual representation, ideally, something similar to the pyramid of an actual organization chart, however maybe the Windows Explorer folder tree would work too. This would be another means to navigate the organization and one that would allow broader traversing of the organization than moving only one level up or down at a time.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. doug says:

    thanks for the input Doug.
    1) bad habit of trying to look cool by spelling in English!
    2) righto
    3) righto again
    4) interesting. I’d have to make this tree dynamically built on the fly, the company I work for has 2000+ employees, loading that much into the tree in one swoop would be horribly non-performant. This would be a neat thing, the user could use it to search for a group or person in a more visual way.


  3. emurhfkq says:

    people are stranger

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