Whence though goest Cubicleman?

Howdy fans! Where is your fave man of the cubicle? Off to bigger and better things, that’s where. As of now I am on my way to work for Universalmind. I’ll be enduring grueling hi-tek Flex engagements and getting smacked around by some well known Flash/Flex guru who is master of the realm of the almighty C64. w00t! So, get out those email clients and drop me some bits on where you are at, eh?



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3 Responses to Whence though goest Cubicleman?

  1. Tim says:

    Oh so you think you can escape, eh ? Many have tried before you, and failed. As I write this very missive, I have set in motion my evil plan to have Allhel sign up for some work with Universalmind. Yes, before you know it, we we have you back in a cubicle, only this time it will be one of the teeny-tiny contractor ones, the ones that are so small that even the chair doesn’t go all the way in. : bwhaaa haaa ha ha ha, bwhaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha, bwhaa ha ha ha ha .

  2. doug says:

    oh my, such a small outlook from inside such a teeny-tiny rectangle. I’ll have to get a new domain, smallcubicleman.com or something such.


  3. makita says:

    Well, well, enough of the job already? Good luck! Don’t be a stranger and drop me a line some time, eh? AB

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