Flex, PaperVision3D, Carousel, and a wee bit o’ hackin

So, I’ve been wanting to play around with this PaperVison3D schtuff. Why? Well, I certainly do not use 3D in my job, I just wanted to! Unfortunately time demands, new baby and all, keep me from really digging into it. Add to this, almost all the stuff so far that I have seen is Flash based…as in not Flex. There are a couple Flex based examples. One is in the PaperVision3D source called FlexFocus. Another recent great example is from that master robe wearer Doug McCune himself. He calls it CoverFlow. In either of these Flex based cases, terms like Sprite and Clipping are used, Flash terms again that I’m not all familiar with. Though I can brag about playing with Sprites on the C64 and IBM PC way back when, but those were wholly different animals. Thus I sat down and employed the all to famous design patter: Hack It Up. The result? A cross of Canvas3D and Lee Brimelow’s Carousel FLA.

Now, what the heck does the code do? I’ve commented some where I know, there is much in there I just don’t follow…yet. The short and skinny: the images are placed in planes, the planes are positioned and rotated in such a way to appear to be in a 3D carousel, this carousel is fixed, the buttons tell the camera to render the scene from a different vantage point along a circle. The math behind it is elementary, though I’m sure there is a bit more to that PaperVision3D Plane, BitMapMaterial, etc…

What does my version add to the mix? One, its Flex based…use the tag Luke! Two, I have incorporated the use of a public dataProvider to inject the URLs of the images. Yes Dorothy, you can change this dataProvider at runtime. See the example below, the test button at the bottom swaps the dataProvider.

Carousel Roundabout Exmaple
Source code is fully available via the context menu of FP.


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3 Responses to Flex, PaperVision3D, Carousel, and a wee bit o’ hackin

  1. Jamie Badman says:

    The example just shows a black, empty screen for me… something up?

  2. tom says:

    Hihi, nice. Can’t think of a good use for this, but indeed very nice. Maybe as a menu or something? 😉

  3. doug says:

    @Jamie not sure why you get a blank screen. You need FP 9, but it should direct you to install if you don’t have FP 9.

    @Tom I agree, I don’t see much of a business case for using this sort of thing in a BRIA. But something like a image gallery could use it. Actually, there could be some sort of visualization use, say a graph of sorts. Each image could be a product sold, its size would indicate popularity. The user could rotate it to get to the product they want sales figures on. I couldn’t see a CEO using it though :)

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