360|Flex Atlanta eats guide

Andy Powell has posted a couple entries on restaurants in Atlanta.
Restaurant guide 1 and here . I’m going to add a few yummy eats. FYI, Atlanta has a TON, as in a TONNE, as in a whole freakin bunch of restaurants.

CNN Center – right inside is a food court containing a few mall type eateries as well as a Jocks and Jills, a great Atlanta sports bar fav.

A short hike away, well short ride away, is the Mid Town area home to many a eatery. Here is a short list of them Midtown Eats. I’ll high lite a few from personal experience:

  • Front Page News a Nawlins styled eatery
  • Fuego cafe and Tapas, a Cuban eatery with yummy cubans and of course real mojitos
  • The Flying Biscuit near Piedmont Park
  • Nickiemotos near the park too where you can get your sushi on.
  • Apres Diem is also near the park with a awesome environment, artsy-eclectic. Where Apres Diem is there is a bar serving tater tots! Also, used to be a great tex-mex place there with the best margaritas in Atlanta, can’t recall the name though, but its easy to literally stumble out of there and fall over in the park.
  • Azio The best Tiramisu!
  • Vortex can’t leave them off any list of Atlanta eats

Also not far is the Poncey-Highlands-Little Five points area. This link here is a start, but there are many more. The Highlands has some nice eats, not all on the cheap. Some live music too. A couple spots I’ll suggest are:

  • Eats! THE cheap eat. Yummy Jerk chicken or fresh pasta on the cheap. Its kind of on the edge of the highlands area and not the greatest neighborhood, day light time should be no prob
  • Atkins Park good bar food, not cheap though, live music too.
  • Hand in Hand awesome Brit Pubs in Atlanta. Had a Brit friend mildly surprised at it. I saw one of the final world cup games at one of these, packed out wall-to-wall people screaming and drinking beer at 7AM!!!!
  • Noche great tapas and margaritas, good selection of tequila. There is a really nice Italian place right next to Noche too, can’t recall the name though.

Well that lists out quite a bit. Many of these are a brisk walk away from the CNN center area, meaning a mile or so. Near the CNN center is the downtown area where Azio is. Also there is a Hooters, yeehaw! A couple other nice places to eat around there too. Atop the Westin cylinder hotel is a revolving cafe, nice scenic place for some adult beverages. If you really want to go over the top, check out Nikolai’s Roof really nice place to eat with a view. Reservations are required and just don’t ask about price, its high. :)



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6 Responses to 360|Flex Atlanta eats guide

  1. Tom Ortega says:

    Dang…wish we had this list on Friday! LOL

  2. Sydney Bennett says:

    Don’t forget Ted’s Montana Grill on Luckie St. It’s the first one of its kind…owned by Ted Turner. Sidebar is also good…it a hole in the wall bar/restaurant with pretty good pressed sandwiches. It’s on Poplar street right near CNN Center. And has anyone tried Luckie Food Lounge next to the Aquarium? It looks cool…

  3. Sydney Bennett says:

    Ooo couple more, Daily’s on International and they have a jazz and cigar bar in the lounge. Stats is a new place and it got a pretty good review on AJC.com. Ray’s in the city – fresh seafood. Ruth’s Chris — can’t go wrong with that.

  4. doug says:

    @Sydney righto, good calls there. To add, if you are into Jazz check out http://www.churchillgrounds.com/. They are serious about their Jazz, no talking during the performance or they will pull you out. Awesome bar too and this is within walking distance from the Omni, maybe 0.5 miles.

    @Tom oops!

  5. Matt Kollmorgen says:

    Rue Sans in Buckhead….best Sushi anywhere!!

  6. Karan says:

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