360|Flex Atlanta rawked the house

I’m a little late in doing this, but what the hey!
Well its over and back to work, eh? Time to put all that great knowledge to use and create some UX baby! 360|Flex Atlanta was awesome. Kudos go to John Wilker and Tom Ortega for pulling off such a sweet event. Some awesome speakers were present and it was truly a developers conference. Some highlights of sessions I attended were Jun Heider’s talk on Memory Management, Ben Clickinbeard’s talk on Reusable components, and Ben Stucki’s far out You got to wear funny looking 3D glasses talk. Oh, and who could miss the bedazzling man o’ the hour Doug McCune talking on Open Source Flex stuffs as well as some language antics. :)

In all, if 360|Flex comes near you make sure to go. If not near you, get your boss on the phone and show him all the blog posts about it, you WILL learn something!



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2 Responses to 360|Flex Atlanta rawked the house

  1. John Wilker says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed! See ya next time!

  2. Jun Heider says:

    Hey Doug, it was good chatting with you that couple of times during the conference, and thanks for the props on my session. :)

    Btw, love the domain name…it rawks!

    Hope to see you again sometime!

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