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A year back I bought a Logitech MX Revolution. The mouse absolutely rawks. Big heavy and ergo. The hyper scroll wheel gizmo is really awesome. You can actually set the acceleration threshold on it too. Well, after a year, its still working just swell, but the finish is starting to peel on it on the right side. I contacted Logitech Support about it. Their contact tool allowed me to upload a pic I snapped of the peeling mouse. Within 24 hours I had a reply asking for my contact info. Another 24 hours and I had three contacts from them: 1) from the support person saying another mouse is being shipped, 2) from their support group surveying my feelings on the process, and 3) a shipping confirmation. Shortly after that came the UPS tracking number.

Yesterday I received the new mouse. The packaging mentioned nothing about returning the old one nor did the customer service rep! Talk about customer service. I’ve never had to deal with Logitech before. I think their products are top notch and this experience has really solidified my thoughts on them. Anyone else have such a experience?



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  1. Bill White says:

    I’ve had a similar experience with them as well, which is why I continue to buy their products. I had a mouse go bad and after a brief support call with a person who was very easy to understand, they sent me a new one with no hassles at all. Their service is really top notch!

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