cubicleman meet cfconversations. cfconversations meet cubicleman.

Head on over to the recent CFConversations podcast to catch a interview with yours truly! Dan Wilson kicks the interview in gear with my self talking about Hooking That Shiny New Flex App Up To ColdFusion, the topic I will be speaking on at CFUnited 2009. Be sure to listen in. If you have yet to register for CFunited, kick it in man! Be sure to check out Brian Meloche’s blog too, he’s another of the main squeezes behind CFConversations.

I also chat a little bit about my old stomping grounds in South Florida. Shout outs to all the peeps from those 80’s and 90’s back in the day! I also mentioned some listening preferences. Of late I’ve been listening to Chinese Silk style music as well as some Persian Classical, all via Shoutcast of course. REally helps the concentration. For more info on Silk Music see this Wikipedia article:



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