Douglas Knudsen is currently located in the Atlanta area and is a author, developer, and family man. Douglas has been involved in web based technology development for some fifteen years now. He enjoyed working with Adobe technologies such as Flex, Flash Platform, and ColdFusion as well as working with the surrounding technologies of databases, Java, AJAX, and the like. He is currently involved in wed development with HTML5/CSS3 working with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

I’m currently employed by Universalmind where I’m rocking the consultants life with heavy tech involving HTML5 and such. Universalmind is a Digital Services Agency working with many fortune 500 clients. Prior to that I was employed by Alltel Communications, Inc. There I worked on building applications on Intranet/Internets for the sales teams, customer service, and engineering groups on a team called aptly enough, Rapid Response Team! Shazam! There I used ColdFusion with an Oracle backend extensively with Flex or HTML based UIs.