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Google’s Chrome browser is evil!

Ok, I admit it, I used a sensational subject line. So what. Google is really the new evil, well we certainly could call it a entry on the top 5 list of fashionably evil companies of late. Will it be … Continue reading

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Logitech Customer Service

A year back I bought a Logitech MX Revolution. The mouse absolutely rawks. Big heavy and ergo. The hyper scroll wheel gizmo is really awesome. You can actually set the acceleration threshold on it too. Well, after a year, its … Continue reading

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Cubicleman is back

Seems the server I’m hosted on bit the dust yesterday. Well, to be more precise, a hard drive bit the dust. After about 12 hours of downtime, things appear to be back to normal with no data loss aside from … Continue reading

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CSS Sprites?

Ok, so I’m no CSS Zen master, far from it actually. The thought of creating good CSS that is cross-browser supported and all just makes me shiver. I had to look at something today concerning links with fancy image backgrounds … Continue reading

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Atlanta, Tonadoes, and 360|Flex?

Wow, what a Friday night in Atlanta. A tornado hit downtown and tore up some stuff. It actually damaged the CNN Center/Omni Hotel a bit. Yes, the same spot 360|Flex Atlanta was in just a few weeks prior. The really … Continue reading

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