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Google’s Chrome browser is evil!

Ok, I admit it, I used a sensational subject line. So what. Google is really the new evil, well we certainly could call it a entry on the top 5 list of fashionably evil companies of late. Will it be … Continue reading

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Atlanta, Tonadoes, and 360|Flex?

Wow, what a Friday night in Atlanta. A tornado hit downtown and tore up some stuff. It actually damaged the CNN Center/Omni Hotel a bit. Yes, the same spot 360|Flex Atlanta was in just a few weeks prior. The really … Continue reading

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Flex, PaperVision3D, Carousel, and a wee bit o’ hackin

So, I’ve been wanting to play around with this PaperVison3D schtuff. Why? Well, I certainly do not use 3D in my job, I just wanted to! Unfortunately time demands, new baby and all, keep me from really digging into it. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the world Sophia!

Born Nov 4 2007 at 8lbs 6oz, this is Sophia Louise. Hello everyone! Mom and baby are doing great. Niklas is now a big brother, something he is adjusting to. Cheers! DK

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Whence though goest Cubicleman?

Howdy fans! Where is your fave man of the cubicle? Off to bigger and better things, that’s where. As of now I am on my way to work for Universalmind. I’ll be enduring grueling hi-tek Flex engagements and getting smacked … Continue reading

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