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  1. Nelson Marisco says:

    SVG, PHP, JavaScript

    Hello Sr. Douglas Knudsen
    Could you give can give as adquar the setData this JavaScript function a tip. She was prepared to work with ASV. Now I’m trying to run natively on the foma browsers SVG.

    I appreciate any help!

    Nelson Marisco

  2. Nelson Marisco says:

    forgot the function!

    function showCoords(evt) {
    //to show coordinates
    xcoord = xnulcorner + (evt.ClientX – mapOffsetX) * pixSize;
    ycoord = (ynulcorner + (evt.ClientY + mapOffsetY) * pixSize) * -1;


  3. Melissa says:

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  4. Hey i want to say you have a great blog , i my self had some problems with css on some of my websites , and im proud to say found my answers her on your blog , keep up the good work and thank you Doug.

  5. Clark says:

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